Бюро переводов Our expert agency specializes in providing high-quality translation for a wide range of different texts, printed publications from many common and exotic languages. We employ professionals who are not only native speakers, but also have a professional practical and theoretical background in various fields. Many employees have research degrees and academic credentials while having extensive teaching experience.

  • Translating over 500 pages per day.
  • From 8 $ per page.
  • Quality is guaranteed! We will prove that we are the right agency to translate your project by providing a terminology glossary and one-page test translation.

When translating, it is important to have a thorough knowledge of the subject, its terminology and language, so that the translated document can be interpreted correctly and be 100% intelligible.We deal with any project, even a small one, with the utmost responsibility.

When translating projects, we provide:

  • Complete authenticity and consistency with the source;
  • Confidentiality: all document information obtained is not subject to disclosure;
  • Adaptation of complex technical texts, drawings and user manuals in compliance with the specifications of the country where the client is a resident;
  • Web site translation, proofreading terminology;
  • Urgent translation services for large-scale translation projects;

All translations produced are carefully proofread and revised by editors.We provide benefits and good discount programs for corporate and major clients. A personal manager is assigned to them.


We provide our clients with turnkey translation services (no additional surcharges). The translation price includes:

  • Providing a technical terms glossary;
  • Text editing;
  • Desktop publishing (DTP) and typesetting;
  • Translating text from images and drawings;
  • Text proofreading.
Language group Language list Cost of translation into Russian in USD 1 page 250 words
 International language   English 8
 European languages   German 9
 French 12
 Spanish 12
 Italian 12
 Portuguese 20
 Dutch 20

Oriental languages
 Chinese 21
 Turkish 25
 Japanese 38
 Korean 38
 Arab 33
 Farsi (Pers.) 36
 Hebrew 38

Внимание! При крупных заказах от 100 страниц действуют специальные скидки, для точного расчета — отправляйте задание на электронную почту.

Стоимость верстки — от 150 руб./стр. - верстка таблиц, чертежей и рисунков «1 в 1» с исходным материалом.

Прайс лист на все языки
Стандартный документ 1 стр. Стоимость перевода и нотариального заверения Международный язык Европейские и восточные языки Редкие языки
  English German / French / Spanish / Italian / Португальский / Молдавский / Латышский / Литовский / Эстонский / Казахский / Turkish / Chinese Арабский / Фарси / Иврит / Вьетнамский / Хинди / Japanese / Korean, Норвежский и др. редкие восточные европейские языки
Паспорт 7500 8500 9500
Водительское удостоверение 7500 8500 9500
ПТС (паспорт тех. Средства) 7500 8500 9500
Диплом (без вложений) 7500 8500 9500
Завещание / Дарственная 8500 10000 11000
Справка стандартная 1 стр. 8500 10000 11000
Свидетельство о рождении 7500 8500 9500
Свидетельство о смерти 7500 8500 9500
Свидетельство о браке 7500 8500 9500
Свидетельство о разводе 7500 8500 9500
Разрешение на вывоз ребенка 8500 10000 11000
Трудовая книжка 12500 14000 17000
Справка об отсутствии судимости 8500 10700 11500
Справка из банка (выписка) 8500 10700 11500
Медицинская справка 8500 10700 11500
Сертификат (1 стр.) 8500 10700 11500
Свидетельство ИНН 8500 10700 11500
Свидетельство ОГРН 8500 10700 11500
Контракт юр. Лица (до 7 стр. ) 12500 15500 17000
Лицензия (до 7 стр.) 12500 15500 17000
Устав юр. Лица (до 15 стр.) 15000 20000 25000
Документы для визы (до 15 стр.) 15000 21000 25000
Бух. Отчетность (до 15 стр.) 15000 21000 25000
Срок перевода — от 8 рабочих дней для стандартных документов и языков. Подача документов в работу ТОЛЬКО в электронном виде (скан или фото в хорошем качестве) Получение документов с печатью нотариауса в пунктах выдачи всех городов РФ.

Внимание! При крупных заказах от 20 стр. действуют специальные скидки, для точного расчета стоимости - отправляйте задание на электронную почту.

Срок перевода - 5 рабочих дней для стандартных документов и языков и языков. Подача документов в работу ТОЛЬКО в электронном виде (скан или фото в хорошем качестве). Получение документов в пунктах выдачи.


Our expert agency provides a wide range of translation services. Every area is represented by highly qualified professionals with extensive experience and expertise in the matter.

When translating technical manuals, drawings and equipment passports, it is important to take into account country-specific production requirements where these documents will be required. Unless technical texts are adapted, errors are possible that may lead to financial and time costs.

When making legal translations, which include judicial decisions, powers of attorney, certificates, excerpts, etc., it is important to consider the legal regulations and legislation specific to different countries as well as terminology and abbreviations interpretation so that the client's rights can be guaranteed and respected.

When translating economic and business documents, which include audit reports, balance sheets, financial statements, business plans, etc., great attention should be paid to the accurate reporting of financial indicators, phrasing, numerical expressions and conclusions in order to avoid analytical data distortion.

In academic translations, it is crucial that the translator has a relevant educational background and can convey the essence of a scientific discovery, research or monograph accurately, avoiding exploring the specific terminology too much.

In medical translations, it is essential to preserve and convey information about a patient's illness, treatment recommendations and medication intake. A person's life and health often depend on how accurately the document was translated.

In customs-related translations, which include international contracts, invoices, declarations and other documents, professional expertise is needed to ensure that fiscal authorities recognize the documents' legitimacy.

In addition to the fields mentioned above, our translation agency is ready to provide its services for literary translation, website localization, etc.


Our experts are proven professionals who have both extensive university training in linguistics and substantial language experience in a highly specialized field of their choice. What is critically important is that the target audience receives completely accurate information.

To translate and adapt technical texts, tables, user manuals and drawings professionally, we employ native-speaking linguists with a technical background and practical experience in the respective field . Ensuring that complex equipment start-up manuals and step-by-step instructions are easy to follow is highly important.

Each translation is thoroughly edited, proofread and formatted before being delivered to our clients.We regularly engage qualified consultants to verify that the translation is authentic and correct. Our team of experts is constantly improving their professional skills, getting up to date with the innovations and changes in their translation field.


Our expert agency translates from/into the common languages spoken by most of the world's population since almost every book and document is published in those languages. In addition, we work with rare and exotic languages. There are full-time and freelance experts who can accurately translate texts of any subject from 70 world languages.

These are literary works, popular science, medical, technical and other topical texts.


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